Sisal Mexico : Feels Like Home

The loud speaker in my ear is blaring commands in Spanish, my ears picking up only certain words. Traveling to a foreign country is exciting and nerve wracking. With a 2 hour layover in Mexico City to my final destination of Merida, I stopped in at Starbucks for the universal language of coffee. Ordering my Cafe’ Vanilla Latte only understanding gracias and de nada, I realized how important a smile can be. 

Evaluating my options of how to spend my 2 hours, I decided it best to pull out my laptop and write. Flying into this massive overwhelming city, I did not realize the skyscrapers that existed here. It is funny how tourism images paint a photo of a place in our mind. Most Americans associate Mexico to drug lords and beaches.

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Why I Ditched The Cancun Party Crowds

Americans flock to the beaches of Cancun to escape harsh winter months and the everyday grind in the United States. Miles of hotel-lined beach see an average of 3.3 million visitors a year, luring travelers with all-inclusive deals and booze. 

Tired of the slurred conversations, sunburns, and the same guacamole and chips served daily, I searched for a new destination in Mexico. Party crowds were not fulfilling my need for a relaxing and stimulating beach vacation...

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Mérida Lifestyle

Living in Mexico, does not mean giving up modern conveniences such as shopping and fine dining. The capital city of Mérida, has everything you could possibly ask for, including a side of charm. Getting my vote for the happiest city in Mexico, and quite possibly North America, Mérida offers state-of-the-art facilities to meet everything from cultural to medical needs. Respecting both sophistication and relaxation, this one-of-a-kind city offers an energy that beckons travelers from across the globe. Rest assured, your Mérida lifestyle can be as hip or laid back as you want it to be, but don’t take my word for it, visit to find out for yourself. 

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Undiscovered Sacred Beach of Sisal Mexico

Each morning, the sun rises in the east, and slowly makes a journey across vast skies before setting in the west. The ancient Maya believed the Sun God, Kinich Ahau, would shine in the sky all day before transforming himself into a jaguar at night to pass the Xibalba, the Maya underworld. Ancient Mayans were keen astronomers, recording and interpreting every aspect of the sky. 

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Sisal Mexico History

Originally under the influence of Spain, Sisal, Mexico, was granted a port on February 13, 1810 by the Spanish Goverment. Gaining independence in 1811, Sisal became a key influence in Yucatan history, operating as the principal port for the state capital, Merida. Located approximately 32 miles from the city, Sisal was a natural and convenient choice for proximity to the sea and trade route access.

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Pink Flamingo Sanctuary of Sisal, Mexico

Laying eyes on a flamingo in a bird sanctuary, zoo, or amusement park does not capture the true beauty and essence of this mysterious creature. Peaking through the mangrove-lined lagoon in Sisal, Mexico I was inspired by this pink feather dressed bird. This magnificent animal stands on what appears to be more no more than sticks, stretching as long as 30 to 50 inches long.

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5 Must Have Experiences In Merida

Mexico, Cancun or Chichen Itza is probably one of the first things to come to mind when speaking of the Mayans from the Yucatan Peninsula. Preserving this ancient history and culture is important to many in this Mexican state. Mayans carry a sense of pride. Proud of their heritage, families and work. There is a lot to be gained from visiting and getting to know those that live and protect this region of the world. Understanding their uniqueness and respect for each day is both inspiring and encouraging.

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